The History behind the Jack Tighe Group of Companies

Following a successful international track cycling career during which Jack Tighe represented his country on numerous occasions, including being selected for the Olympic Games, Jack then turned his attention to business. From its beginnings in 1954 with Jack and an apprentice, the business commenced and achieved significant growth over the next 10 years, the majority of work coming from contracts secured to paint RAF Stations.

Jack Tighe, Winning at Copenhagen 1951
Jack Tighe, Winning at Copenhagen 1951 Jack Tighe Receiving Trophies 1951

In 1966 the Company secured what was then probably the largest single painting contract ever awarded for the painting of Pembroke Power Station, and during the 1970s the business expanded into industrial painting with huge contracts relating to North Sea oil projects at Flotta and Sullom Voe, as well as the new coal fired power station programme.  During this expansion period the original backbone of the business, the painting and decorating element, continued with further contract wins on long term contracts for Ministry of Defence bases as well as schools, hospitals, etc.

Having shown great business acumen to achieve an annual turnover of £42 million, Mr Tighe sold the very successful business in 1982 to the HAT Group, a publicly quoted company.  As part of the deal Mr Tighe was not permitted to trade in the painting industry for 5 years.  Once this period had elapsed, he began again to build up a new force in painting.  HAT Group dropped Tighe as a trading name so it was re-acquired as was the original office block in Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire.  Many members of the pre-sale management team returned and the business grew from annual sales of £400,000 to the current £20 million.

The current 4 stand-alone Limited Companies have the additional financial and logistical support of the Group if and when necessary.  Stability is assured through the long term family ownership structure, the stable Board and management team and through conservative financing and cash conservation.

These companies are:

  • Jack Tighe Ltd (Onsite Blast Cleaning, Specialised Coatings and Industrial Painting)
  • Jack Tighe Scunthorpe Ltd and Jack Tighe Coatings Ltd (Shop Applied Coatings)
  • Jack Tighe Decorating Ltd (Commercial and Decorative Painting)

The Directors, management and majority of personnel have been with the Group throughout their careers, enabling our clients to call on their vast knowledge and experience in the surface preparation and painting industry.