All Companies within the Tighe Group hold ISO 14001 accreditation which is externally audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. We have held this accreditation since 2003 and continue to take initiatives which improve our environmental performance.

The cornerstones of our efforts in this regard are:

  1. Our Aspects and Impacts Register which draws management attention to actions undertaken in our business which have the potential to cause environmental harm. Once identified, we are able to take the necessary action to minimise any potential impact.
  2. Our Waste Reduction Programme which covers not only energy consumption and fuel efficiency, but also capital projects such as re-roofing and re-cladding of offices and workshops to conserve heat.
  3. The Waste Disposal Procedures which we practice whereby recycling is at the forefront of our efforts and include major items such as paint tins, swarf and wooden pallets, as well as minor items such as cardboard, paper and ink jet cartridges.

As part of our sustainability drive we encourage clients, when we have the opportunity, to make use of low VOC paint products and natural abrasive media, all of which realise a reduced environmental impact.

Our Environmental Manager holds Tech CIWEM and Nebosh Environmental Management accreditations.  The fresh thinking this has brought to our processes has already made an impact, with several innovations already being implemented.

One of these innovations, as we strive for continuous improvement and minimisation of our environmental footprint, has been the provision on all major sites of mobile waste segregation units.  These units incorporate a bunded area for paint mixing and a bunded section for waste segregation.  This area consists of 4 containers within which we can segregate used paint, solvents, unmixed 2-pack paints and contaminated rags, rollers and used brushes.  The rear of the unit contains a can crusher in which we crush used paint tins to reduce the volume of waste.