We are committed to supporting employment and training, with a particular focus on young people. We have always maintained a successful apprenticeship scheme for our decorators, and currently employ 2 decorating apprentices and 2 trainee surveyors.

As a leading industrial painting contractor we were involved for some time in a national project to improve apprenticeships within this sector.  Our goal was to ensure apprentices benefitted from a structed programme and gained a recognisable qualification.  We worked with transport authorities and industry partners to develop the Apprenticeship Standard for Industrial Coating Applicators.

Following many months of little or no support from authorities or other painting contractors, Jack Tighe Ltd contacted North Lindsey College and together we have put in place an 18 month trailblazer apprenticeship for industrial painting.  Three members of our staff have undergone Level 3 Teacher Training for Apprenticeships to enable them to conduct all training undertaken at our premises and sites.

The inaugural apprenticeship began in January 2019 and all 11 apprentices were sourced by the College and Jack Tighe Ltd.  Following the 18 month apprenticeship, which is split between classroom tuition at the College, practical work at our Scunthorpe factory and onsite experience at some of our long-term contract sites, there is a 1 year mentoring period.  After a successful conclusion of both aspects of the apprenticeship, the apprentices can then apply for their full ICATS card, including the blasting and spraying modules, from Correx - The Institute of Corrsion.

During the apprenticeship, all apprentices receive rates of pay in accordance with the CIJC Agreement and all other terms and conditions are in accordance with the CIJC National Working Rule Agreement.

This important initiative shows how much we appreciate the importance of businesses and educational establishments working together to create viable career paths for young people from all backgrounds.  We are offering these youngsters long-term career prospects and it is our hope that some will emulate our Chairman, Managing Director and Health & Safety Director, all of whom joined the Company as trainee surveyors.