Highways / LA

Both our Shop and Site Applied services are regularly called upon by the Highways Agency and Local Authorities, or Principal Contractors working for these clients which utilise the full versatility of our 2 factory facilities.

M8 Footbridge
M8 Footbridge Scullicotes Lane Footbridge Crash Beams

We are currently undertaking shot blasting and painting works to motorway sign gantries and bridges for the UK motorway and trunk road network. 

These works are carried out for a number of clients and examples of current and recent projects are given below:

  • Briton Fabricators - Roundswell Bridge, Sundon Road Bridge, gantries on the M56 and M1 Junctions 28 to 35, and the A50 Uttoxeter Overbridge
  • ECS Engineering - Lodgemoor Lane Bridge
  • Nusteel - Chiltern Gardens Footbridge, M60 gantries and platforms at Rushden Lakes
  • CTS Bridges - A391 Carluddon Road Bridge
  • Saferoad - Sicuro rails and posts
  • SH Structures - A406 Iron Bridge, Taplow Bridge over the River Thames, Greystone Footbridge, Bridgewater Place in Leeds, and Project Mint at the O2 Arena
  • Fussey Engineering - Tottenham Hale