This sector of work forms a substantial part of our Company’s turnover and involves work being carried out both at shop and site level.

Storage Tank
Storage Tank Wefco Ammonia Tank Wefco Ammonia Tank

We have a number of key clients who require shot/grit blasting and coating services to various items of plant, pipework, storage tanks and tank linings throughout the UK and overseas. 

Project examples include:

  • Phillips 66/Amec/Fenelon - Tank plates, etc for Killingholme Refinery
  • CF Struthers - WHRU Platforms, including the Abkatun Platform
  • Landon Ltd - Transfer tanks
  • Wefco - Various tanks, including bitumen emulsion tanks
  • Fabricom - Pipework for Easington Gas Terminal
  • Edwin Snowdon - Bentley tanks