We have worked locally to our Head Office on the Humber refineries at Killingholme for many years and are proud to be a member of the Humber Bank Contractor Competency Forum and Concom.

Tanks at Amec BP
Tanks at Amec BP HDS3 at Total Lindsey Oil Refinery W4101, Conoco

We also hold Achilles FPAL accreditation for work in this sector.  These third party certifications are designed to improve work systems, contribute to sustained workforce competency and emphasise the importance of health and safety on such potentially dangerous sites.  These aims mirror our own, especially the importance of sustained training initiatives.

Major projects completed in this sector include:

  • OPA and BPA sites throughout the UK (see also Tank Linings)
  • A 5 year contract with Dow Chemicals to provide all maintenance painting and programmed work at their Barry site, which runs until 2021
  • The new Geldof built tank farm at Canvey Island